new california carnevale

Long Beach Carnevale  



The Long Beach

Carnevale is the

American version of

the Venice Carnival in

Italy, or as we are known

in Venice Italy

Il Carnevale Americano.


In 1983 Venice  allowed  people

to wear a mask , banned since                      1776

People then dressed up, but not many with a mask, because  they werent sold or made t since 1776. In 2020-2021 we all have had a mask.          So let's do like in 1983  dress up more basic and no masks.....This next Carnevale

Assuming we make it, and leave the covid virus behind. In 0ctober of  2021 is back tothe 80s



The Long Beach Carnevale has

again a new identity on evening events called Festa Casanova.

We have had cotume evening with elavorate masquerde entertainment,  shows that bring a lot of culture of the carnival of venice Italy with evening  balls