We had fun 2018

It was the Eve of Loons in 2018

a sixty year occurance when Ester

and April fools land on the same

day closing of lent with Easter.

Thats when it was our Ball of

Loons on Aprils Eve. On that 60

year occurance. Everyone was so

well dressed every single guest

was incognito and looking

amazing. We heard singing, we

had amazing food, we watched

and participated in traditional

Venetian theater play watch and

danced to perfomormng musicians

We played in murder mystery

in Venice all while in character

The drinks moved troughg the

night  new friends were made.

Many new people found the

magic of the Venetian Carnival

in the evning and want to  come

back and joing you too in 2019






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Suzy I I had so much fun dressing up and seeing all of the FANTASTIC costumes! Very nice, friendly people, too. I can’t wait for the next event! I’m planning my costume now!


Bobby L

Great event last night, had lots of fun. Thanks for the invite.  



Clio M

Last weekend was so

much fun!!!!




Stephanie L

Me and my  friends had an amazing time, it was so fun to be in it. The event was awesome so well put together, I was really impressed if you are doing it next  year my friends are already asking to go togetehr again. I'll invite more people now that I know what is like


Felicity L

Last night was so much fun,  you did a great job of putting everything together

just very successful