new california carnevale

Long Beach  Carnevale



photography by Loraine Spina


The Long Beach

Carnevale is the

American version of

the Venice Carnival in

Italy,or as we are known

in Venice Italy

Il Carnevale Americano.

Every year the

majestic St. Marks Square

in Venice Italy welcomes

millions of visitors from

all over the world to celebrate

Carnival as it has done

for centuries .Since 2013 we have

done it in  America.


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Long Beach CARNEVALE has been selected for the 2019 Best of Long   Beach Awards in the category of Entertainer.

The Long Beach Carnevale has

again a new identity on evening events called Festa Casanova.

We have had cotume evening with elavorate masquerde entertainment,  shows that bring a lot of culture of the carnival of venice Italy with evening  balls