come to  venice italy during the carnival of venice and meet these masked personalities. They are teh  stars of the show that give magic to venice carnival. There is nothing like leaving the ordinary life behind, to change into a costume in which they are now adored. These masked women  wow every one

they  know it, and they cant get enough. They would love to be the reason or the attraction for any one to make a long  journey into venice italy during the carnival  season. These masked women european personalities are as we speak already  getting  ready for you.

This  is carnevale  in italy carnevale in long  beach the personalities are and both. Come meet them  


Be in a Taylored world

class costume to be in

the biggest masquerade

party in the world.


Be connected and in sessions with world class photographers Learn how to model, to be in the

The Best Mask competition of  The Venice Carnival


in front of media and 10Ks

people on stage. Party in evening ball  having the full Carnevale Experince from


Experts and insiders

From Feb 22-25 2019  

Europe's Masked Divas download 29791010_1834814983237901_2264429697595080704_n

Feb 20th-26th in Venice

Come to Italy 2019