This Valentines you will have an evenig of action in roleplay, a cimematic experince directed

for trill and romance.


Sounds exciting.

I always wanted to be in a spy movie.

With dancing drinking, and something tasy to eat this will be an amazing

Valentine's evening.


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The Varden with the  mural is directly in front of the Willmore,  the venue for our event, which the bulding behind  in linght khaky.      It is  not even a block away from The Varden hotel. The hotel is already notified us that they will likely  be sold out  for several events on the  same weekend as our events. Keep this in mind as you look to book. Check in is  at  3 pm checkout at 12 pm Breakfast and  wine tasting included.

Ask Daytime Manager Norman for hotel qestions.


562  432-8950   325 Pacific ave  Long Beach CA

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